After completing my MBA in finance, I started working in various departments.

Such as Banking, Service, Education. It must be said! In the field of education, I suffered a lot of losses. So extent that we didn’t have enough money to provide my family daily needs.

But I had very high goals from the beginning and I wanted to be a top entrepreneur in Bharat so, I could create the most work environment for people. Give the maximum tax to the government. To do the most service for the people, so that we can fulfill my responsibility to the country and the government and not put the burden on the shoulders of the government alone.

That was when I thought I needed to do something bigger. exactly at that time I started working in the insurance department, Although I didn’t know anything about insurance and I started from scratch. But in first year of my work, I was able to make the impossible, possible and received World’s 3rd highest international recognition in life insurance. Today I am one of the top entrepreneurs and advisors in insurance and investments.I am the Founder of lifeline expert group.I am the member of million dollor round table (MDRT) USA.I am the member of business network international (BNI).I am the lifetime member of indiar financial professional association (IFDA).I am the founder of Navdrishti group and also the chief media secretary of lion club. Yes! today I’m living the life once I dreamed of.


One of the most memorable moments of my life, which comes to my mind every time I succeed. it’s the day, when I resigned from one of the reputable banks I was working for without even thinking for a moment. I didn’t know where I would go that day, what I would do, I even knew that I would lose my monthly income.

There was another feeling in me, I heard a voice saying, sign, resign and follow your dreams.

But today I feel like, That vague feeling, that voice that may have been the voice of God, Made sanjay singhal one of the top entrepreneurs of Bharat today.

My future scope is to dedicate maximum professional advisors to Bharat, So that they can serve maximum people. And Reaching to places that are out of the government’s sight, to solve people’s problems. So that we can work with our government,
and not put all the burden on the shoulders of the government. Progress, And opening maximum branches throughout Bharat, And providing more work environment for maximum employees. And increasing my team members From thirty-five to hundred members.
Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.


Shri Narendra Damodar Modi

Sanatana Dharam

Shrimati Lata Mangeshkar